Idaho Education Overhaul Is Subject of Referendum

Idaho Education Overhaul Is Subject of Referendum –

I started watching that movie Waiting for Superman last night, which is a well-produced documentary distributed by a subsidiary of Paramount.  The documentary places the blame for “what’s wrong with American public schools” squarely on the structure of Tenure programs for public school teachers.  Unfortunately a lot of the movie directly equates the tenure system (which is obviously broken) with Teacher Unionism, which is NOT at the root of the problem.  There are actually a lot more problems with the angle from which Superman attacks public schools and public school teachers, but I won’t go into those here.  Suffice it to say that the filmmaker admits to being able to send his child to private schools, and also wholeheartedly embraces No Child Left Behind policies introduced by Bush and bolstered by Obama.

Hopefully the people of Idaho will recognize that while the Tenure system as it exists ought to get a second look, but that Unions and Unionized teachers are a valuable part of a strong education system.