Exiting the Vampire Castle by Mark Fisher

We need to learn, or re-learn, how to build comradeship and solidarity instead of doing capital’s work for it by condemning and abusing each other. This doesn’t mean, of course, that we must always agree – on the contrary, we must create conditions where disagreement can take place without fear of exclusion and excommunication.

Source: Exiting the Vampire Castle

I kept hearing again and again about this 2013 essay on some of the socialist podcasts I subscribe to– The Majority Report family of podcasts, but also Chapo Trap House, and Best of the Left too.  The Antifada podcast has aparently created a vampire-centric spin-off inspired, in part, by this article as well.  I’m glad I finally got a chance to read it.  Though I am unfamiliar with the particular comedian and the imbroglio that was the impetus for the article, it certainly seems to ring true.  The final caution about how social media ought to be used for revolutionary aims is particularly clarifying.  And Mark Fisher’s call to resist the erasure of class in whatever form that erasure may take is essential.

10 reasons why I’m not on Facebook – Independent.ie

10 reasons why I’m not on Facebook – Independent.ie.

Interesting article from the Independent in Ireland.  I keep finding myself having to rebuff friends and family members who insist I join this particular social networking platform.  I used to use FB.  Now that I have this blog, I mainly use Flickr, which I pay a premium for, but which is also, I think a lot less invasive and data-miney.  Of course, I have a Google account too…  I really ought to configure my email for this domain properly and take the next step in freeing myself from my corporate Internet overlords, but that’s a project for another time…

Until then, I’ll perhaps follow up on my new pseudo-obsession: discovering celebrities and others who abstain from using FB.  This Independent article lists a few at the end.  I wonder if there is an anti-FB community on the web…