day 2

Still trying to settle on what this website is going to be for, what a suitable title might be, how I want to present the material I gather here.  It’s an interesting mode.  Not altogether new.  But I’ve never started from so close to scratch before.  I’m still reveling in the possibilities.

What do I want this site to be?  I want it to be a thoughtful extension of my intellectual self.

I’ve kept a handwritten journal pretty faithfully without interruption for the past ten years.  I don’t imagine I’ll move completely away from keeping my handwritten journal– it’s really become an indispensable part of my daily life.  The book I’m keeping now is full of lists and quotations and musings, half-finished poems or ideas for poems.  The verbal process I have come to rely on for organizing and cushioning my existence.

In addition to the journal, I’ve often (though not as faithfully) kept a date book or calendar, usually smaller than the journal, but no less important in its way.

Most recently I’ve begun to rely much more on my email client along with the RSS feed aggregator attached to it as a way to process news and other information that I come across during the day.  I have strayed from the larger social networking sites more for aesthetic reasons than anything else, though I maintain profiles and so forth, and often use these sites as my default address book or contacts list when I’d like to get in touch with a friend I may have been out of touch with for a while.

So, I really see this website as an extension of some of the above modes.  Hopefully I’ll be able to work in my RSS feeds somewhere along the way.  But also, I’d really like to use this website as a place to store the work I’m doing towards my Masters Degree in Educational Studies at the University of British Columbia.  Not sure exactly how that will work.  But I’m confident I’ll find the way.