Philosophy by Another Name– “Ontics?”

Our current name is harmful because it posits a big gap between the sciences and philosophy.

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Not so sure about this McGinn guy… big on realism and “Science!”  Oooh!  Someone please write this philosopher a check.  His stock is GOING UP!

Actually, I think ‘science’ could use a bit of a makeover too– more so than ‘philosophy,’ really.  How about instead of ‘science’ we start calling it ‘industry.’

The fact that as a philosopher you feel it necessary/ appropriate/ expedient to publish a letter in the NYTimes calling for an update of the name of the discipline shows a degree of chutzpah, which I admire; though it belies your espoused lack of affection for human culture generally in favor of cold hard scientific (=industrial) realism.


Dewey & Vygotsky Take 2

Dewey & Vygotsky Take 2 – YouTube.

This is awesome.  Succinct.  Clear.  Useful.  Entertaining.  If only these two had lived and thought in some magical a-historical land apart from the nationalist (Soviet/American) programs which came to devour so much of their time and energy.  I believe they are talking about the same phenomenon at the end of this video– Dewey’s “experience” is Vygotsky’s “culture.”  Each is socially constructed and mediated through symbols like language, and the processes of the creation of each can be verified rationally.  BOOYA!