Some goodies from the guys over at Brutal & Short (genius!)

Liveblogging a Political Shitshow.

Gotta love Tom’s pent-up frustrations.  And these two candidates’ caricatures of each other and themselves.  I lol’d.  -fish

8:57 PM: I honestly do not care about any of this. Why am I watching CNN again? Oh, right. I’m at a Hampton Inn in Pennsylvania. This is absurd.

8:59 PM: I already hate this and it hasn’t even begun. Maybe I should just stick to Twitter. Less responsibility.

9:01 PM: Squiggly lines at the bottom of the screen on CNN. They represent undecided voters. Exciting!

9:02 PM: Twitter’s blowing up, y’all. Gonna set some records, I think.

9:04 PM: Can’t wait for some #zingers

9:06 PM: “I don’t particularly care for Negroes.” #romneyzingers


9:08 PM: “Trickle down government.” #romneyzingers

Seriously, people get paid to come up with that shit?

9:11 PM: “I’ll call it the economy tax.” #romneyzingers #goodone

9:13 PM: “By the way, I like coal.” #romneyzingers

9:17 PM: I am really glad that it is not my responsibility to #factcheck this debate.

9:18 PM: There are squiggles at the bottom of the page, which apparently represent independent, undecided voters “opinions” or something, as they watch the debate. I do not care enough to pay attention to what these neanderthals are thinking. This is theater.

9:24 PM: I hate this. Interpret “this” however you wish.

9:25 PM: “I think I get the last word.” #romneyzingers

9:26 PM: “My plan is not like anything that’s been tried before.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAhaha. Ha. ha. #romneyzingers

9:26 PM: “You each have two minutes on this.” #lehrerzingers

9:27 PM: “Obamacare!” #drink (If you’re into that sort of thing)

9:31 PM: Jim Lehrer is such a fucking wanker.

9:38 PM: All done. This is terrible in every way. GOOD NIGHT, AMERICA!