Rahsaan Roland Kirk’s Hip Chops

Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

My new favorite person of the moment.  Apparently he was continually inspired by his dreams to experiment musically, often playing more than one horn at a time, humming in simultaneous harmony with his flute, and sampling all kinds of other sounds in his recordings and performances.  Amazing musician.

“Who has the hippest chops in the world?” is a rhetorical question when Rahsaan Roland Kirk asks it.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk (August 7, 1935[2] – December 5, 1977) was an American jazz multi-instrumentalist who played tenor saxophone, flute and many other instruments. He was renowned for his onstage vitality, during which virtuoso improvisation was accompanied by comic banter, political ranting, and the ability to play several instruments simultaneously.

This second video has a cameo by none other than John Cage.  Next to Kirk, Cage sounds like a crotchety old man though.