Manning Is Acquitted of Aiding the Enemy –

Manning Is Acquitted of Aiding the Enemy –


Manning was aiding the public by informing us about the United States’ military’s war crimes.  If his actions had ultimately legally been construed as “aiding the enemy,” this would have been a pretty serious admission (in a roundabout way) of the United States war on its own citizens.  It’s a war that is being waged at home on the poor and the young and the black and brown.  And it’s a secret war that the U.S. next most-wanted whistle blower, Edward Snowden, has recently revealed.

Bravo, Edward Snowden! or Dismantling the “architecture of oppression!”

Former C.I.A. Worker Says He Leaked Surveillance Data –

Impressive.  I love the detail about his being a high school dropout as well!  That definitely speaks to the strength of this guy’s character.  I just hope he can avoid the Bradley Manning treatment.