I don’t want to vote for the Republican-affiliated incumbent.  But I can’t vote for you, Alan Ditmore.

Only contraception can save the world, or Buncombe. This means that among things that can’t save Buncombe are bike lanes, solar panels, wind generators, vegetarianism, organic farming, stream bank mitigation, stormwater management or manure management sheds. A big reason most of the above list can’t save Buncombe is because they require steel to make, as does contraception; and the steel requires steel mills, which pollute heavily. But contraception factories require vastly less steel per dose than any of the above, even vegetarianism as normally practiced here and now.Currently, the Buncombe Soil and Water Conservation District fails to take into account the environmental cost of the steel mills required to build the things they build, and because of this, and their tendency to draw funding and attention from vastly more resource-effective options like local contraception funding; I feel they are doing more harm than good.Local contraception funding saves local school tax and the environment. The SWCD has a small local fund which I believe can be used directly for this purpose via the Buncombe Family Planning Clinic or Planned Parenthood; but even if this idea fails, unspent SWCD funds will roll back into general funds, and even the tiny percentage of general funds that are then reallocated to contraception will help the environment more than the Buncombe SWCD is currently helping. This is why I am running for Buncombe Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor, near the end of the ballot on November 4.

Alan Ditmore, Leicester


As some of these recipients have a special interest in retirement funding, I will volunteer my thoughts even though I doubt the SWCD can do much about retirement plans.Some third world overpopulation activists report that retirement plans are important to preempt excess breeding because in the absence of retirement funding common in the third world, many people have children for the purpose of getting retirement support from those children. If such motives for childbearing are also not rare locally, then the environment, class sizes, and low school taxes depend greatly on doing what is necessary to preempt such motives; and that includes reliable retirement support. That said, I am also a strong believer in death panels. Modern technology has made a number of lifesaving treatments absolutely too expensive for large scale use. Thus the amount of money that can be put towards keeping intensive care patients alive, though high, is absolutely limited and finite. Those financial limits on lifesaving treatments must be publicly faced and set as a matter of consistent public policy.

Source: Candidacy for Buncombe SWCD (Facebook)