The Mythical Whiteness of Trump Country | Boston Review

Source: The Mythical Whiteness of Trump Country | Boston Review

This is a fantastic critique from the Boston Review of J.D. Vance’s bestselling HIllbilly Elegy.  I ordered copy of this book about a year ago after Trump’s victory, but it ended up being out of stock, and I never re-ordered it.  Now I’m kind of glad I didn’t bother.  It would appear that Vance is a little light on progressive populism, and his ethnography is weighed down by a racist mythology of the Scotch-Irish settlers of Appalachia.  Elizabeth Catte rightly points to the diversity of this region, which Vance apparently erases in puffing up his “‘hillbillies’ as a unique specimen of white woe.”

Paulo Freire: liberation theology and Marx (subtitled) – YouTube

Paulo Freire: liberation theology and Marx (subtitled) – YouTube.

on transcendentality.  How is the translation on this one?  Need to go back and have a listen for that small detail.  Also, is it the same transcendentality of, say, Thoreau?  Into the Wild?  Need to find out more about the Highlander School in Mounteagle (and later Knoxville and elsewhere) in Tennessee.  I’m wondering if there was ever any cross-talk between the Highlander folks and the Black Mountain folks across the Blue Ridge from them…

Does the Highlander School still operate?  Isn’t there some family connection to the highlander school?  Was my great grandfather a student there at one time?  Or have I imagined that anecdote…  That would make an incredible epistolary novel…  digging through letters from Highlander School people… wonder if there’s an organized archive of Highlander materials somewhere… maybe in Knoxville?

I love that the Southern Appalachians have this tradition of resistance to the mainstream of Southern American culture that is I think much more measured, thoughtful and if nothing else a reflection of a strongly communitarian lower-middle class d.i.y. ethic in the mountains, which is muted if not conspicuously absent in the foothills south of the Smokies– in an arc from Atlanta, GA east to Columbia and the Upstate of South Carolina, north and east to Charlotte, NC and further north east still to Winston-Salem and Greensboro…  I believe it has something to do with the landscape.  But what exactly, I’m not so sure I could say…