Is Google Like Gas or Like Steel? –

Is Google Like Gas or Like Steel? –

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The above image, attributed to “Hieronymus,” appeared in the online NYTimes today.  It caught my attention, not only because of the message it is I think trying to convey, but also because of its format– the jumpy animation, which mimics a Google search bar’s auto-complete function.  It’s the first such animation I’ve seen attached to a NYTimes article.  I’m not sure if it is actually the first such animation that has appeared on the Times’ website.  But I’d be willing to wager that it’s the most relevant to the content of the article it’s been attached to.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to write and publish in the blog in the coming weeks.  We shall see.

United States v. Microsoft: Deposition by Bill Gates, part 1.

United States v. Microsoft: Deposition by Bill Gates, part 1..

This is a *VERY* cool set of videos from the 1998 deposition given by Bill Gates during the Microsoft Monopoly Hearings in the US.

Would LOVE to teach this in a history or English communication class!

There’s a lot of “down time” where Gates is just perusing “Exhibits” presented him from an array of old Microsoft manuals of different kinds, but it’d be cool to get copies of some of those possibly and have student interact with them, evaluating Gates’ performance under pressure contesting or otherwise interacting with the arguments he’s making and the line of question of his Department of Justice interrogator!  I actually don’t remember whether the company was ever found to be abusing monopoly power…  Guess I’ll just have to watch the whole thing.