The Battle of Cable Street

Today (10/5/2020) is the anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street in London, a historic antifascist counter-insurgency, described below. This memorial photograph and short essay were shared by DSA comrade, Christian today. Solidarity!

Today is the 84th anniversary of the Battle of Cable Street, when a 100,000 Londoners stood against 3,000 fascists (the so-called “blackshirts” of the British Union of Fascists under the command of Oswald Mosley) and 6,000 cops. The fascists deliberately chose the East End of London as a rallying point for their march, as it was home to the largest Jewish community in the UK at the time. In and around Cable Street antifascists – communists, anarchists, Jews, Irish immigrants, dockworkers, trade unionists, and more – held the streets & intersections, erected barricades, eventually forcing the march to end early. 150 people were arrested and 175 injured, but the power of the working class rising in revolt against fascism would help eventually lead to the dissolution of the BUF & the prevention of Britain from siding with (or at least passively abiding by) the fascist take over of Europe.

Generating Truth from Fiction

“wisdom of the [literary] novel … the fascinating imaginative realm where no one owns the truth and everyone has the right to be understood” Milan Kundera, quoted by Richard Rorty in the April 1994 University of Chicago Magazine, p. 23.

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