EDUC 305

Having a good school within this capitalist society is like having a reading

room in a prison. Not acceptable.

Statement of students seizing the administration building at the University of California Santa Cruz, November 2009 (Qtd. in Gibson, 2010 Why Have School? in DeLeon, Ross, eds. Critical Theories, Radical Pedagogies and Social Education.)

My Grades Will Not Be Instruments of War — Howard Zinn

Zinn’s decision to not report his male students’ grades to the Selective Service System is one eloquent moment in the history of educators who defied the grading policies of those allegedly in charge (Thanks to Rethinking Schools for republishing this gem, which scholar Robert Cohen found in the archives at NYU, where Zinn’s papers are kept!)

Source: My Grades Will Not Be Instruments of War — Howard Zinn

This chapter by Kahlil Anthony Johnson is one of the best written works of short non-fiction I have ever read. Please have a look! Thanks to Professor Beadie for assigning it in class!

Reading the above by Johnson is, in part, what inspired this essay of mine, which I wrote for credit for the same class, but whose contents have been on my mind for quite some time, and which I would very much like to develop and/ or possibly rework for publication elsewhere.

Labor Organizing During Covid-19: A University Janitor’s Account

This fantastic piece by a fellow UW grad student and labor organizer is definitely worth a read. It is a reminder, first of all, that public schools are much more complicated institutions than just teachers, students, and administrators. The history of schooling in the United States must take into account this huge and vastly underpaid support workforce that keeps our institutions running smoothly. Thanks, BeauJon, for this fantastic report from the frontlines of pandemic and neoliberal university!