You Should Have Stayed Home – Trailer – YouTube

You Should Have Stayed Home – Trailer – YouTube.

This is being performed in Vancouver this week and next at the Firehall Arts Centre.  Housemate, Maud attended a previous Forum Theater production on mental illness and healthcare at the Firehall Centre that she said was great.  Maybe I’ll head out to the half-price preview tonite!  Ha!

Interesting Event Being Supported by UBC Students

Truth and Reconciliation event – September 18 – NO CLASSES

UBC’s Vancouver Senate has taken the extraordinary step of suspending classes on September 18 to allow our campus community to participate in activities related to Truth and Reconciliation Commission national event. Students, faculty and staff should take advantage of this opportunity to develop a better understanding of the effects of the Indian Residential School System that operated in Canada from 1875 – 1996. For more information about TRC events, click here

Is Corneal Crosslinking for You?

Is Corneal Crosslinking for You?

This diagram gives you an idea of how I experience light sources with and without my contact lenses.

File:Kc simulation2.png

This article on the Discovery Eye Foundation gives some of the details about the medical procedure I’ll be undergoing tomorrow on my left eye.  It’s been almost exactly a month since I underwent the same Crosslinking (CXL) procedure on my right eye.  My experience so far has been great.  I’m really lucky to have ended up in Canada where CXL has been routine for thirty years.  According to my doctor, the technology has been available since the ’80s but since the laser technology used for CXL doesn’t differ significantly from that of other similar procedures like LASIK, no new patents have been issued in the U.S. and thus the necessary FDA clinical trials were never funded.  So, with my diagnosis in 2008, just before I moved to Japan, I escaped the United States’ crappy medical system just in time.  Another reason I’m lucky to have landed in Canada is that this surgery is FULLY covered as a preventative care measure under my BC Medical Services Plan insurance policy.  I’ll have to continue to do some follow-up visits even after I move back to Japan at some Japanese ophthalmologist.  But I have been super-lucky with the timing of my diagnosis and various moves around the world.

I won an award!

Last week at the Canadian Congress of Social Sciences and Humanities held in Victoria, BC I received the Alan Thomas Award for Graduate Student Research for this paper, which I presented there.  It’s a feminist historiography of Adult Education in Canada– specifically Isabel Wilson’s role in the production of Citizen’s Forum, an early experiment in mass media produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Canadian Association for Adult Education.

CASAE Final Submission

Happy reading!