Going Native

Indians, the original possessors of the land, seem to haunt the collec­tive unconscious of the white man and to the degree that one can iden­tify the conflicting images of the Indian which stalk the white man’s waking perceptions of the world one can outline the deeper problems of identity and alienation that trouble him….Underneath all the con­flicting images of the Indian one fundamental truth emerges-the white man knows that he is an alien and he knows that North America is Indian-and he will never let go of the Indian image because he thinks that by some clever manipulation he can achieve an authenticity that cannot ever be his.

-Vine Deloria, Jr., “American Fantasy”

I’ve begun reading Huhndorf’s book, which I found somewhere I think through the UW library. It’s a nice pdf of the full text of the book. Something tells me I’ve read part of this book before, specifically the chapter that covers The Education of Little Tree and the Asa / Forrest Carter Hoax. But for now, I’ve only listened to the introduction and part of the first chapter, which deals with the combined spectacle of some important mass entertainment events like the American Centennial Celebration in Philadelphia.

Decolonizing Historical methods are still so new a topic to me that I really feel like I ought to become more familiar with in the next months both on my own in individual study or through courses at UW. One introductory course that I am taking for my program has only one reading listed on the website so far, but it’s a doozy: Linda Tuhiwai Smith’s classic, Decolonizing Methodologies. So, I went ahead and ordered that one. I think I’ll do a quick skim and short write-up here if I have time. And then, over the course of the term, I’ll be able to grapple with and or digest this one at greater length.

For now, I’ve done a rough rendering of this pdf into a simple text format which my mac will read back to me at what I’m finding is a mostly intelligible speed and cadence.

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