Is College Tuition Really Too High? – The New York Times

The answer depends on what you mean by college.

Source: Is College Tuition Really Too High? – The New York Times

FANTASTIC article by Adam Davidson, who I became familiar with mainly from his contributions to the NPR podcast, PLANET MONEY.  Like a lot of the most accessible information out there about economics, reading critically is necessary to avoid getting hoodwinked by free market capitalist or consumerist or neo-liberal bias.  But here as in his reporting elsewhere, Davidson manages to lay out a LOT of very useful economics facts and analysis with minimal apparent bias.  Great read.

I found the historical bits about why public university systems are generally stronger in the southeast and west compared to the northeast (where all the Ivies are) particularly enlightening.  SPOILER ALERT: private schools apparently lobbied against state support for higher education back when these systems were being set up in the Northeast.

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