Israel Orders Schools to Discuss Jamal Julani’s Beating

Interesting article in the NYTimes today.

Plenty of hypocrisy from the Likud party.  It’s shocking that the Israeli Occupation of Palestine is allowed to be swept under the rug while these surface-level flare-ups among children are treated as “the real problem.

The quotation from the Parliament Member Rivlin on page 2 is particularly telling:

This evil comes from insufficient education… Unfortunately, more and more youth think that hate and racial violence are permissible.

Hmm… wonder why that is.  Could it be the hate and racial violence perpetrated by your own government???  Schools run by the state are just one piece of the puzzle– they are certainly implicated in the maintenance of such a deeply broken system of racism and violence, but the schools are not the ultimate source.  The Likud Party here stands only to distract people from the much grosser crimes being perpetrated in the name of “National Security.”


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