President Obama, Warrior in Chief –

President Obama, Warrior in Chief –

This is not an “opinion” piece.  The author makes a clear and very compelling argument based on historical FACT that Obama is America’s Warrior-in-Chief.  The most militaristic, aggressive president the US has had in decades.

The question this author poses about WHY so many people still view Obama as some kind of pacifist is most pertinent.  Perhaps it has something to do with mainstream news media’s reporting to that effect, including the NYTimes very own…

Here a “reluctant” Obama wins Libya.

Here Obama appears to be taking a middle path in continuing the War on Terrorism.

And here, the NYTimes praises Obama’s marking the “ebb tide of a decade of American military engagement that began after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”

No wonder this article is filed as “Opinion”– the Times seems to be working from a completely different set of facts!

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