Philosophy by Another Name– “Ontics?”

Our current name is harmful because it posits a big gap between the sciences and philosophy.

via Philosophy by Another Name –

Not so sure about this McGinn guy… big on realism and “Science!”  Oooh!  Someone please write this philosopher a check.  His stock is GOING UP!

Actually, I think ‘science’ could use a bit of a makeover too– more so than ‘philosophy,’ really.  How about instead of ‘science’ we start calling it ‘industry.’

The fact that as a philosopher you feel it necessary/ appropriate/ expedient to publish a letter in the NYTimes calling for an update of the name of the discipline shows a degree of chutzpah, which I admire; though it belies your espoused lack of affection for human culture generally in favor of cold hard scientific (=industrial) realism.


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