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  1. so…i was sifting through facebook and cam across this video that you must watch:


    Doing a bit more research into it’s production i came upon the company that produced it:


    Doing even further reading on the company’s website, i discovered some shocking/exciting info about them. SOOMO PUBLISHING IS FROM ASHEVILLE, NC! This was not what i had expected.

    But anyways, back to the topic at hand. The company seems to have a different/innovative approach on education. A quick blurp from their site,

    “Each of us has experienced a life-changing educational moment, and we think they should happen a lot more often. Launched in 2006, Soomo Publishing began creating collections of online assignments that work as standalone textbook replacements or as ancillaries. Our first title was Americans Governing, and we’ve since expanded to include additional titles in Political Science, History, English, Business, and more. When the universities we work with expressed a need to measure student achievement across the board—even for content that wasn’t ours—the Soomo Learning Environment was born. This platform offers true interactivity, content integration, single-sign-on, and a ton of customizable features. Whether it’s creating innovative content or adding the functionality of our platform to existing content, our goal remains to innovate so you can educate.”

    So, seeing as how your in the learning/education business, i thought that this would be right down your alley. Check out the video, then check out the company and the teaching methods they utilize. I hope that this is something you find useful, or at least interesting in relation to your current studies! You seem to be into the philosophy and methods behind various different types of educational processes, and i found Soomo Publishing’s approach to education to be insightful. I hope you will as well. But this is probably old news/intro stuff for you. who knows!?! lol

    And hey, they recommend Mamacita’s as a great lunch spot when visiting Asheville. So, if a good sense of taste/dining is any indicator of being on the right track to changing/helping/fixing flaws in traditional educational styles…than this company has got it going on, lol.

    ok, i’m off, be well! and i hope this video and company can help expand your knowledge/intellect, or be of some use in your studies and philosophical ideals regarding education.


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