Dewey & Vygotsky Take 2

Dewey & Vygotsky Take 2 – YouTube.

This is awesome.  Succinct.  Clear.  Useful.  Entertaining.  If only these two had lived and thought in some magical a-historical land apart from the nationalist (Soviet/American) programs which came to devour so much of their time and energy.  I believe they are talking about the same phenomenon at the end of this video– Dewey’s “experience” is Vygotsky’s “culture.”  Each is socially constructed and mediated through symbols like language, and the processes of the creation of each can be verified rationally.  BOOYA!

2 thoughts on “Dewey & Vygotsky Take 2

  1. Hi, it’s Lindsey! I bookmarked your blog when you deleted your Facebook, but never took the time to read it. Great video, just curious, but have you read anything by Paulo Freire?

    • Sure enough. Pedagogy of the Oppressed is a classic. Sorry for taking so long to getting around to responding to this… I’m obviously not a pro at blogging yet.

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