Michael Hurley « Magicistragic’s Weblog

Michael Hurley « Magicistragic’s Weblog.

This is the best, most exciting music I’ve heard in a long long time.  Actually, a friend burned “Slurf Song” onto a CD she gave me this Summer.  But I was delighted to find the bootlegs available at this site, which is a fantastic music-relevant blog.  Thanks to Magicistragic and also to Courtnay for turning me on to this superb stuff.

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    • I think the song you mean is “blue navigator,” but it IS a good one. I like “light green fellow,” “wildgeeses,” “portland water” and, of course, “slurf song.”

      • “blue driver” is off the Hi Fi Snock Uptown album….check it out for sure if you haven’t yet! your post got me thinking bout hurley and we even downloaded the “wolf ways” album to add to our collection. haven’t listened to it yet though…

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