Occupy Wall Street: A Primer? « Radical Teacher

Occupy Wall Street: A Primer? « Radical Teacher.

Excellent, brief reflection on the scene on Wall Street from a teacher.  These “alternative procedures” like the “mic checks” and “the stack” (does this sound like Ultimate Frisbee to anyone else??) deserve a place in every school.  If you haven’t seen the Adbusters video where these alternative procedures are depicted, please watch now.

This is exactly what the folks in Vancouver were doing for the first few hours of the demonstration this morning.  It’s inspiring and sometimes extremely frustrating stuff.  These alternative procedures, like taking a deep, full breath of cold air through your nose, have a great deal of power.  The power of accumulated minutiae.

‘Alternative procedures’ has a certain aroma of metonymy about it with regard to ‘the 99%.’


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