Occupy Vancouver – Oct 15th, 2011, Vancouver Art Gallery & Surrounding Area

Occupy Vancouver – Oct 15th, 2011, Vancouver Art Gallery & Surrounding Area.

Hopefully I’ll be able to post some photos of this tomorrow.  Looks like beautiful weather for a demonstration this week!

I’ll be interested to see how much the language of “Occupy Vancouver” differs from “Occupy Wall Street,” especially whether there is any specifically anti-American rhetoric in play, or if it will be (as the message on the Occupy Vancouver homepage is) primarily in solidarity with “the 99%” taking aim at the wealth, taking Nationalism out of focus. . .

This protest cannot be boiled down to a simple soundbite because this protest is ambitiously seeking a complex, fundamental, philosophical change in the social, political, and economic infrastructure of our country… The strength of Occupy… lies in the ambiguity of its mission. There is no laundry list of specific, unreasonable, and untenable demands. There is only the demand for change. Change of, by, and for the people, enacted by our elected officials. If the powers-that-be respond with absolutely nothing, then it is clear that they will never, ever be interested in effecting substantial change of our financial system, no matter how strong public support may be.

– Edward Murray, Huffington Post

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